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Filament Smart RGBIC LED Strip Light

Filament Smart RGBIC LED Strip Light

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Introducing the Filament Smart RGBIC LED Strip Light, designed for vibrant and dynamic lighting experiences! With over 16 million colors to choose from, sync it with your music for an immersive display. Install and control easily with voice commands or the Smart Life app. Expandable up to 20 meters, perfect for creating ambiance in any room.

  • 1 year Warranty
  • 14-day return policy
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Filament RGBIC in action

Product specification


1 year limited warranty for controller, adapter and strip lights only against manufacturing defects

Pack Content

1N LED Strip Roll,
1N Smart Controller,
1N 12V DC Adapter,
1N Mounting Clip,
1N Manual


16 Million Colors, RGB with segment control

Control Method

Mobile App, Controller, Voice Controlled


2.4GHz WiFi / Mobile Hotspot / Bluetooth BLE


60 LED/meter for High Brightness

Power rating

15 Watt

Choose among 16 million colors


Can I cut theFilament RGBIC LED strip lights?

Yes, you can trim the RGBIC strip lights at specific cutting marks to fit the length you need.

What makes RGBIC strip lights different from RGB lights?

RGBIC strip lights have individual IC chips allowing for multiple colors on one strip at the same time, whereas RGB lights can only display one color at a time.

Are the Filament RGBIC LED strip lights easy to install?

Absolutely, the Filament RGBIC strip lights are designed for easy DIY installation with a simple controller and adapter setup.

What color options do I have with the RGBIC strip lights?

You can select from over 16 million colors and control each section of the strip for diverse and dynamic lighting effects.

How do I control the Filament RGBIC strip lights?

Use voice commands with Alexa or Google Home, or manage the settings through the Smart Life app across your devices.

Is it possible to extend the length of my RGBIC LED strip setup?

Yes, the Filament RGBIC LED strip lights are expandable up to 20 meters to suit larger spaces and projects.